Saturday, December 12, 2009

Climate or power?

I couldn't avoid stumbling upon lots of articles, videos, notes, PMs, and other interesting stuff concerning the ClimateGate uproar. Not in the official media channels, of course, but everywhere else. A fair amount of thoughts is due here, and impossible to put on paper/blog. There is, however, one prevailing aspect to all of the media hype, that is impossible to disregard and to shovel under the carpet. After reading the today's propaganda piece in a Swedish newspaper, the source here, I am finally beginning to see a clear pattern of the way the Earth population has been brainwashed and depraved of knowledge in the last 50 years or so. I belong to the generation that got proper education of facts and relationships between cause and effect. We were lied to concerning politics (a former communist country), but our schools delivered what they were supposed to deliver. We know our facts, we remember our biology, geography, physics, chemistry. We still wake up in the middle of the night reciting formulas :).
I am a part of another school system now. This one has nothing in common with impartial knowledge, but everything in common with relativism and politicizing in the name of some "higher cause", whatever that means at a given moment. My students are taught to "quest for information", the best way they can, without first be given the foundation to stand on. Their so called "research" is extremely shallow and shaky, and is not to be questioned as to its relevance, but only to the effort that was put into it. They are rewarded for the amount of work, but not for the quality of it. They are taught to question everything - which is good - but they do it with their feet firmly set in the thin air. We now produce a generation of ignorants who will swallow every 'truth' given to them by the official media, because even though they have been taught to question everything, they do not bother to, having experienced the ineffectiveness of this process and seeing that any result is fine, as long as the amount of work put into it is sufficient.
In the mentioned Swedish article the author comes with the most laughable thesis yet: that the man-made climate change is so great, that the scientist have to rewrite the maps to adjust them to the present state of reality. Moreover, as main examples of the changes in climate the author speaks of the Aral Lake and the Tchad Lake. Poorly educated audience will swallow anything, it seems. Poorly educated audience have no idea about history of the Aral Lake and the reasons why it shrinked to null.
One wonders: is there some underlying agenda as to why we have this poorly educated audience? In case you wonder, I think this agenda is obvious: it is very much easier to manipulate a crowd who knows little or nothing.

Well, I refuse to be manipulated, I refuse to be politically correct, I refuse to give in to some humanistic idiocy of environmental religion. My only allegiance is to Christ and His Kingdom.

Until He comes, I will be just watching closely the madness of bewildered humanity in its search for meaning... And pointing anyone whom I meet to the only hope there is - to His Word.