Saturday, September 08, 2012

The aftermath of a move

This whole year up to this point has been one crazy roller coaster. No wonder my blog showed no sign of life, being squashed under the pile of duties, obligations and stress. Somebody said that a move is more stressful than a death in the family, and I am almost prone to agreeing with that one.
We moved. Slowly, painstakingly, sometimes against our own lazy selves, we made the decision and put it into action. Had it only been a moving of stuff, enough in itself to drive a family crazy, we would have thought it fun and exciting. Do not misunderstand me: the whole physical process started in March and is ALMOST over. Which of course does not mean that all rooms in the present house are perfectly furnished and ordered :)
But the most tearing part of a move is THE CHANGE. You know what you have, and you expect to have it better in the new place, but the very thought of change is oh so terrifying!
I had to let go of people and places. I had to let go of my nice job. But most of all, I had to let go of my stubborn idea of "doing it all by myself". It worked to a certain point. And then it stopped working, because I needed to learn who is in control.
Having been a control freak all my life, letting go and letting God was not easy. Yet, looking at it now, in due perspective, I regret not understanding it earlier. Because, you see, that is the only way.
The situation now? A happy, harmonious (normal ;) ) family, kids enjoying their new school, both parents enjoying their new full-time employments. That's about the material status.

The more important status is the spiritual one, with the glorious realisation that I can cast all my burdens onto Him, that my faith needed testing and the fire of purification, and that I am nothing without Him.
To God be the Glory forever and ever.