Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Whose blessings?

A priest(ess) of a godless church of Sweden. A huge audience of young people seeking consolation and hope. A painful reality of loss. Death. Final. No computer game. True and cold depth of despair. Opposite there is another despair of today's life: Political Correctness, over all and above all, for any cost.
So what do these young people hear from a person who looks like a representative of Christ's church on Earth? They hear about the impossibility of assessing sorrow. They hear about Haiti. They hear about winter. They hear about nature. Finally they hear blessings to nature and their future. It is all very emotional, very down-played, very elegant. So what is lacking? Why is the whole thing empty, or, as some of the students expressed it afterward, artificial? Why do the students who are supposed to be well-groomed into the secular way of thinking do not buy the whole thing?
Because it is artificial. It is not true. It is false, hollow, empty. A priest without the object of worship. A blessing without the author. A consolation without hope. Christless Christianity in a PC country.
Please pray for the revival, join me in this prayer, for the whole world.