Tuesday, June 25, 2013

We start again.

This white space, to be filled with letters, words, sentences...
Does it intimidate you sometimes? Like when you have a deadline and nothing to write about. Or when your boss is expecting something profound, and the only thing you want to muse about is the behaviour of your cats ;)

Around this time in 2006 I got saved.

Seven years ago. a tiny drop in the time continuum of eternity. For me, the seven most formative years of my life. Of denying myself and taking up His Cross. Of putting up with loss of friends, with people's quiet disapproval and with tiny signs behind my back.

And the REWARD. Beyond understanding, above anything else. And the answered prayers.

And the crises. Moving to another town, church. Depressions. All that which life brings on its rich plate.


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MInTheGap (@MInTheGap) said...

Nice to see you back!